Friday, March 12, 2010

Court Of Love by The Unifics (1968)

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This single came in september 1968 on Kapp Records in USA (#K-935)

A: Court Of Love (Guy Draper) 2:45
B: Which One Should I Choose (Donny Hathaway - Guy Draper - Al Johnson) 2:12

According to Basie Saunders, musicians were :
- Donny Hathaway, piano
- Basie Saunders, bass
- Eric Gale, guitar
- Wah Wah Watson, guitar
- Jérôme "Bigfoot" Brailey, drums

As it was often the case in those days, they never got credits.

Donny Hathaway arranged both songs, taken from the album "Sittin' In at the court of love" (1967).
The Unifics was a vocal group of 4 members, formed at Howard University in Washington DC where Donny studied music.


  1. i am the unsung bassist on the court of love and which one should i choose we recorded the l p back in 1968
    basie saunders bass wah wah watson on guitar eric gayle on guitar jerome bigfoot brailey on drums donny hathaway on piano.
    we never got the credits for the songs but life goes on

    1. sandy 'tha soulbrother' andersonApril 22, 2012 at 7:00 PM

      Yo you cats were tight as monkeys ass on those tracks me being a bass player my self from the 80's group unlimited touch i dont get credit for doing chris rock's first single tiled (ypur mother got a big head) so i feel your pain. Im truly a new fan.

  2. Thanks Basie. I have added the credits right now !

  3. thanks for the love ,I am alive and funky with my custom made 9 string contra bass ,Now with the greatest bass on the planet earth. Join me on face book ,
    basie saunders