Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The french 4CD box : The live trax !

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This box will be only sold in France and online on amazon.fr & fnac.com. I will post a tutorial for people who are not familiar with french language later and the good links too !

The unreleased tracks are :

- Nu-Po (a different version. very groovy incl. a spoken intro about the title of the song) 7:20
- Love, love, love incl. a spoken speech about Love 4:14

Both tracks were recorded at Carnegie Hall on June 30th, 1973 during the Newport Jazz festival in New York. Donny played twice, an afternoon show and an evening one. Those tracks are from the evening show.

Donny Hathaway: Electric Piano
Gil Silva: Guitar
Basie Saunders: Bass
Leslie Carter: Congas
John Sussewell: Drums

PS / The picture is taken from the booklet

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