Saturday, August 6, 2011

Someday We'll All Be Free 4 SHM-CD box set, Japanese version (UPDATE)

Someday We'll All Be Free - japanese SHM-CD version - July 2011 - front cover

The japanese version of Someday We'll All Be Free box set was released on July, 9th 2011, 18 months after the french original limited edition. This new 4 cds box (WQCP-1075/8) has the same musical content but the packaging is a little bit different even if the cover looks like the french one. The japanese set is bigger and contains 2 booklets. The first one contains some different stories than the french one. The second booklet, printed in B&W, contains lyrics from all songs even the unrealised stuff. That's a great addition for fans. There are also some black & white pictures but sadly the printing quality is not excellent which is very surprising for a japanese release. The sound of SHM-CD is quite similar to the french CD. 

Japanese SHM-CD boxset

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  1. Very cool to see Donny Hathaway and this box set getting the deluxe Japanese treatment!

  2. Are the sleevenotes in English on this version?