Monday, March 22, 2010

The D-DAY !

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What a day for all Donny's fans. Impossible is nothing !
What a healthcare day for America ! started to ship the french box last saturday and some lucky french fans received their gift this morning

you can hear samples here.

Mister Donny Hathaway, we love you wherever you are !


  1. box set arrived in poland today, that's not bad !

    most of donny's stuff i know and love but there are some new tracks on here i can't wait to play and the whole package is groovy... good work you french !

    jan, warszawa

  2. Yesterday i received the box-set and i listened to all 4 disc. It is wonderful.
    I have a question: where the song What A Woman Really Means comes from?
    This box really does Donny justice, but i also hope some still unreleased live performances will see the light of day.