Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know, japanese promo 7" (1972)

This rare japanese 7" promo single of I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know was published in 1972 on Atlantic Records. Catalog number is P-1182A.

Side A : I love You More Than You'll Ever Know 4:34
Side B : Lord Help Me 4:00

This beautiful cover was written by Al Kooper and was published on Donny's last studio album, Extension Of A Man (1973). Composer & singer, Al KOOPER is a big fan of Donny Hathaway. 

When I asked him why he loves his way of playing music, he answered :
"He inherited from Ray Charles the choice of playing slow tempos REALLY slowly.i.e. "I Love You More" Giving Up, Thank You Master...Ray was the king of slow tempos exemplified by the live version of Drown In My Own Tears. This seemed to have been passed on to Donny in a very noticeable way.He also was a brilliant arranger - one of my favorite things are the french horn runs in the fade of Thank You Master,He has influenced my arranging in some ways. And I think he passed his unique vocal phrasing in a generic way onto Lalah"

If one of our japanese friend have more info about this single (or want to sell it), send me an email.

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