Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Where Is The Love, The Story Of Donny Hathaway (BBC 2, UK radio show)

BBC Radio 2 broadcasted a 1 hour radio show on Donny Hathaway last night, on August 15th 2011 at 10pm. Contributors include Roberta Flack, Hathaway's daughters, Lalah and Donnita, musical director and friend Harold Wheeler; co-writer, friend and fellow Howard University graduate Leroy Hutson and American music radio broadcaster, Dyana Williams.


  1. This Documentry was Great! I really enjoyed it.
    although I hate to Compare,I enjoyed this more than the Tv One Un-sung from a few years ago. It was a Lot more Inspiring. However I am Grateful to Tv-one for puting That Show together, that was the first ever Retrospective that I recall of him. Donny music touches all people from all Generes of music. Gospel & Blues & Jazz. I agree with Roberta Flack That he & Stevie wonder Kinda share a musical Kinship. while at the same time. They have their own Uniqueness
    Thank you for sharing this with us over here in the USA. Donny's Music will Live on & on!

  2. Agreed - this was far, far better than 'Unsung'. I was disappointed that TV-One focused so much on Donny's difficulties and gave so little play time to his music. Radio 2 celebrated the music. And it was wonderful to hear it narrated by Roberts.

  3. Hi, unfortunately missed this! Could somebody please make this available on some form, if somebody has it as a file etc I´d love to hear it! You can´t listen to it on the BBC site anymore.

  4. Did anyone find a way to share this? I also missed it and am desperate to hear!

  5. Due to copyright laws, the producer asked me to delete the link I put online some time ago. Sorry.