Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Winners Have Yet to Be Announced, Ed Pavlic (2008)

A fantastic collection of poems on Donny Hathaway, written by Ed Pavlic and published in 2008 in USA. The author have chosen an original way to look at Donny's carrier and life. A great tribute to a genius. If you don't have this book, buy it as soon as possible. Easy to read and very moving.

Publisher's Note
This moving collection of prose poems about seventies soul singer Donny Hathaway presents a complex view of a gifted artist through imagined conversations and interviews that convey the voices, surroundings, and clashing dimensions of Hathaway's life.
Among mainstream audiences Hathaway is perhaps best known either as the syrupy voice singing with Roberta Flack in "Where Is the Love" or for his shocking death--he was found dead beneath the open thirteenth-story window of his New York hotel room in 1979 at the age of thirty-three. Less well known are the depth of his classical and gospel training, his wide-ranging intellectual interests, and the respect his musical knowledge, talent, and versatility commanded from collaborators like Curtis Mayfield and Aretha Franklin. Meanwhile, among listeners with special affinity for soul music of the 1970s, even almost thirty years after his death, no voice burns with the intensity of Hathaway's own in the great solo ballads and freedom songs such as "A Song for You," "Giving Up," "Someday We'll All Be Free," and "To Be Young, Gifted, and Black."
Winners Have Yet to Be Announced pushes poetry toward the rich characterization and depth of a novel. Yet it is the capacity of poetic language that allows the book to examine Donny Hathaway's vivid and remarkable life without attempting to resolve the mysteries within which he lived and created and sang.

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  1. This Book is Diffinitly worth Having. Its A Poetic & Intresting take on the way Someones Music can make you feel. The Writer (Ed pavlic)
    said that he started to write A Biography on Donny but evrytime He would start to research Doors would Shut on him. I always wondered what Doors was he talking about.