Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Music All Over Town, Chicago Daily News review (1972)

Chicago Daily News - April 10th, 1972 (click on it to enlarge)
This hard to find article is taken from The Chicago Daily News, one of the most popular and old american newspaper in the beginning of the XXe century. Reporter Jack Hafferkamp has written a very nice review on a live performance by Donny Hathaway at Brown Shoe, 1355 N. Wells, Chicago. he played twice there on April 7 & 8, 1972.


  1. I Wish I was around in 1971-1973 Time Period. when Donny was Doing his thing. He never Knew How Much People Loved him & How Impactful he would Become to everyone who hears His Music Even #40 years Later. Donny could Have Been Another Duke Ellington. With his Composing & Arranging Skills & his Appreciation for Classical music.

  2. You are right, he could have been an other Duke. Many musicians told me about that.

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