Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Interview : Sounds (UK), July, 31th 1971

A very rare interview by Ray Telford published in Sounds, a british weekly newspaper on July, 31th 1971.

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  1. Thanks for this Article. Donny was a Music Master & A Original. Totally having a Vision for his Music & Where he fits in. Its Clear to me that he was considered the Air to what Ray Charles had done in the Early 1960's
    Sounds as if Atlantic records was ready for that type of Promotion. He definitly had the Talent. Like Ray, Mixing Blues ,Jazz & Gospel with Orchestrated Music!

  2. One of the things that i find so Impressive about Donny is how young he was Making this very Mature music. Its hard to Believe that he was only #26 years old making songs like Giving UP & Take a Love Song. His sound was so much Older than he was! He was actually the age that new Singers like Trey Songs are now! But Like other greats Like Ray Ray Charles , Gladys Knight & Aretha . His sounds transends Age & Color & Genres.